This analysis provides a snapshot of both teams’ current form and historical matchup. Panathinaikos appears to have a stronger win rate in their recent games, while Sporting Braga has remained unbeaten in their last five matches. Their next encounters in their respective leagues and tournaments will be crucial in maintaining or improving their form as the season progresses.

Here’s a concise comparison table based on the information about Panathinaikos and Sporting Braga:

AspectPanathinaikosSporting Braga
Head-to-Head Wins01
Recent FormWon 4, Lost 1Won 3, Drawn 2, Lost 0
Goals Scored (Last Match)1 (Across 1 H2H match)2 (Across 1 H2H match)
Goals Scored (Last 5 Matches)1.8 average per match0.8 average per match
Goals Conceded (Last 5 Matches)0.4 average per match1.4 average per match
Shots (Most Recent Match)1015
Expected Goals (xG) (Most Recent Match)1.321.79
Discipline (Cards in Most Recent Match)33
Corners (Most Recent Match)113


  • Head-to-Head Wins and Goals.
  • Recent Form and Goals Scored/Conceded in the Last 5 Matches.
  • Shots, xG, Discipline, and Corners in Most Recent Match.

This table encapsulates the key statistical data of both teams, offering a straightforward comparison. Note that while Panathinaikos has a better form in their last five matches overall, Sporting Braga won the direct encounter and has shown a good balance in their recent games.

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