Based on the information available for the 2023 NFL season, I’ve compiled some key details for both the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs. However, specific statistics for the Kansas City Chiefs were not directly obtained, so the comparison will primarily focus on the Ravens with contextual references to the Chiefs where applicable.

CategoryBaltimore RavensKansas City Chiefs
2023 Season Record13-4 (1st in AFC North)Defeated the Ravens in the AFC Championship
Head CoachJohn Harbaugh
Key PlayersLamar Jackson (QB), Gus Edwards (RB), Zay Flowers (WR)
Notable AchievementsReached AFC Championship Game, hosting it for the first time in franchise historyWon the AFC Championship against the Ravens
2023 Playoff PerformanceDefeated Houston Texans 34-10 in Divisional Round before losing to Chiefs 17-10 in AFC ChampionshipAdvanced to Super Bowl by defeating Ravens in AFC Championship
Offensive StatsAvg. 28.4 PPG (4th), 156.5 Rush Yds/G (1st), 228.3 Pass Yds/G (21st)
Defensive StatsAllowed Avg. 16.5 OPP PPG (1st)
Offseason MovesSignificant signings include Odell Beckham Jr. (WR), re-signed Lamar Jackson (QB) to a 5-year, $260 million contract

This comparison highlights the Ravens’ significant achievements and key statistics from the 2023 season. The Ravens demonstrated a strong offensive and defensive performance, leading in several statistical categories, and made significant moves during the offseason to bolster their team. Their playoff run was noteworthy, especially hosting the AFC Championship for the first time in franchise history, although it ended in a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, who went on to win the AFC Championship.

For detailed statistics and information on the Kansas City Chiefs, including their head coach, key players, and specific achievements during the 2023 season, I recommend checking out sources like or ESPN, which provide comprehensive coverage of all NFL teams.

It appears that there were some issues accessing detailed FAQs directly from certain sources due to restrictions. However, based on common questions about matchups like the Ravens vs. Chiefs, I can create a set of FAQs that generally cover topics people are often curious about.

FAQs for Ravens vs. Chiefs

Q1: When was the last playoff game between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs?

A1: The last playoff game between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs was in the AFC Championship Game of the 2023 NFL season, where the Chiefs defeated the Ravens to advance to the Super Bowl.

Q2: How do the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs match up historically?

A2: Historically, the matchups between the Ravens and Chiefs have been competitive, with the Chiefs leading in the overall head-to-head record. These games often feature high stakes and showcase some of the NFL’s most dynamic talents.

Q3: Who are the star players to watch when the Ravens play the Chiefs?

A3: For the Ravens, key players include quarterback Lamar Jackson, known for his dual-threat capabilities. The Chiefs counter with Patrick Mahomes, one of the league’s top quarterbacks, and tight end Travis Kelce, who is crucial in their passing game.

Q4: What makes the Ravens vs. Chiefs games so exciting?

A4: The Ravens and Chiefs games are exciting because they often feature high-scoring offenses and some of the NFL’s brightest stars. The strategic battle between the Ravens’ aggressive defense and the Chiefs’ innovative offense adds an extra layer of intrigue.

Q5: Have the Ravens ever defeated the Chiefs in the playoffs?

A5: As of the 2023 NFL season, the Ravens and Chiefs have faced each other in the playoffs with each team having victories. These matchups are highly anticipated and can go either way, showcasing the competitiveness of both teams.

Q6: Where can I watch highlights from past Ravens vs. Chiefs games?

A6: Highlights from past games between the Ravens and Chiefs can be found on the NFL’s official website,, as well as on the teams’ official websites and YouTube channels.

For the most current information and specific details about recent matchups, including full game highlights and in-depth analysis, I recommend checking official NFL platforms and the teams’ websites.

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